Blur & Blend

A song inspired by deep medicine journeys, internal work, breathwork and learning that the brightest light is often hidden in the darkest places. May this song inspire you to go deep into your Self, for the benefit of all

Thank you to my Mama

Recorded in one take in my kitchen, with my mama as the only audience. I dedicate this song to her, and to all who see to the heart of matters. Thank you for the journey, Mum, I love and appreciate you.

I am returning to a simpler way of sharing, by releasing this song to you for Pay What You Want, trusting that those who can pay will do so, and those who can’t pay can still get the necessary medicine in the music.

If you want to pay, please do so by becoming a patron or choosing your price on Bandcamp. Thank you in advance for your generosity *he says hopefully* 😉.

Blur & Blend is about the necessity of doing deep work to heal our individual and group trauma, wounds and unspoken pain. The world needs healed humans, now more than ever! ‘The Work’ is SO hard, and SO worth it. There is no way out other than through. We must go down into the depths of our shadows and bring back the gold we find there. This is the only way.

My hope is that this song can be a tool for inspiring you and all who listen to go deep and trust the journey, knowing that there is a reason for it all.

With all my love, gratitude and blessings
Your friend

Is this world
Big enough to hold
The tears I’ve yet to shed?
I’m not through yet
I’m not through yet

Cos I know
It can’t stand the weight
Of all we’ve left unsaid
What’s unexpressed
Weighs down into the depths

Me and mine
Give our time to make amends
As the lines between us
Blur and blend

Well you’re home
So stay holy, whole and unrepentant
Fuck yes, I said it,
There’s no need to feel ashamed

Me and mine
Give our time to make amends
As the lines between us
Blur and blend

In the dark
Diving deep, you see, a spark becomes a flame
’til you’re awake, alive,
Burned clean by love again

Me and mine
Give our time to make amends
As the lines between us
Blur and blend

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  1. salilawinkels

    Thank you Nate.I really appreciate what you have been able to put into music and words in this song as I was in a very similar place a few years ago and even though it nearly cost me my life to get through my dark tea time of the soul, I would not now change a thing about that very long, very frozen time. I have burnt away so much during it that was habitual, unexamined and not useful to me at all, in fact quite harmful. Now that I am freed of those toxins, habits, anxieties, I am free to redefine how I really want to be and live in this world and who I want to be connected to on this journey through life. The Dark Time (or as I often refer to it – being lost in the woods and frozen like a deer in the headlights) set me free to keep moving forward to ever more lightness of being because, as we all know, the work always goes on.

    • Nate

      Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts with me here! I look forward to feeling through this current frozen moment in life. I do feel shifts. One day at a time, ya know how it is

  2. Nate

    I am so frickin’ EXCITED about this song! Letting it fly free feels like the absolute best thing. I won’t pretend I’m not a bit afraid. I am. And that’s ok, I’m doing it anyway


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