Nate Maingard, Chris Ryniak and Patreon CEO Jack Conte at Patrecon 2016

Nate Maingard, Chris Ryniak and Patreon CEO Jack Conte at Patrecon 2016

Ok, so, I know Hollywood is just one part of LA, but to my South African brain, Los Angeles and Hollywood are inextricably linked!

For those who don’t know, Patrecon is an invite-only conference created by Patreon for their creators!

Wait, you DO know about Patreon, right, the website which enables epic people like you to support your favourite creators by pledging on an ongoing basis!?! You can find mine here 😊.

Patreon HQ hosted the first Patrecon in San Francisco last year and I was lucky enough to be one of 40 invited creators (and happened to be in a position to attend due to travelling in the States with my lady at the time)!

Patrecon. Blew. My. Mind!

Playing a clapping game with one of my biggest inspirations: Kina Grannis!!!

I got to meet some of the most incredible, inspiring, fun and humble creators! People like monster maker Chris Ryniak, heartrending songstress Kina Grannis, Erik Newton of the Together Podcast, David of Future Sunsets and so many more!




Check out this lovely highlights video from the event, can you spot me 😉? 

Which brings us to Patrecon 2017!

The second Patrecon is happening in early November in Los Angeles, and I AM GONNA BE THERE!!!!

This will not be a business trip, so I can’t legally play any official shows. I really don’t wanna be denied entry cos I booked a little house concert 😂. Saying that, I WILL be visiting family and friends in LA, San Diego and San Francisco over the first two weeks of November. If you love me and/or my music and wanna meet up to say hi, PLEASE LET ME KNOW I’d love to meet you in person! I don’t have much time, so preference will of course be given to those who are my patrons 😍.

While I’m near Santa Cruz I’ll be visiting my grandma, she’s pretty old now, and I don’t wanna miss a chance to connect with her again. My sister’s up north, so I’ll be making my way up past the Bay Area for a visit with her too! Seriously, reach out, let’s connect, y’all!

I’m more than a little intimidated by the 33 hour transit from South Africa to LA…especially with the ongoing back issues I’ve been dealing with recently. But, I can’t let it crush the joy outta my life! Live now, tomorrow is never a guarantee, you know!?

Final thoughts

Rad, well, that’s all from me, just wanted to check in and let you know what’s up. I’ve been lax on updating this blog of mine for a while now…been too busy making videos, recording songs, building online stores, creating podcast episodes and livestreaming, so I shouldn’t be TOOOOO harsh on myself, hah!

How the heck are you? Are you digging the new site, loving the podcast, enjoying the monthly songs and artworks…or is it all just flying on by in this ever busying attention grab of online life 🙀💻⏰😵??

My dream is that if you’re spending less time on my creations, it’s because you’re busy living your life, which is the best thing possible!

I hope to hear from you in the comments below, dear reader!


PS: two behind the scenes -and darn embarrassing in parts- videos coming up soon, watch this space!

Header Photo by Ahmet Yalçınkaya on Unsplash

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