“Some people don’t live on the edge, they live right…on…the…lid” —Eddie Izzard.

I am living on the lid and it feels great.

Arriving in Wilderness two nights ago with R500 in my pocket, I could only appreciate the incredible drive I had been blessed with. My car (francesca) ran like a dream, the mountains were all painted in spring and I had the music I was raised on to keeping me bouncing (Led Zeppelin, Canned Heat, JJ Cale, etc).

My friend Shaun and his wife nikki welcomed me into their home. Shaun had organised me a gig at a nearby restaurant called Zucchini, in Timberland Village. After a slow start a lovely crowd grew and the place itself I can highly recommend, such an awesome vibe, food and decor! Ended up jamming with Eugene from the band Wild Lettuce, who played some incredible Djembe, it was so awesome!

I sold five albums and made enough tips to pay the rest of my way to White Mountain festival! Thank you Shaun, family and friends for your kind hospitality and the fun-filled evening!

Last night I stayed at my friends, brothers Matt and Mike’s, house in Grahamstown and played a little gig at the whethu Backpackers, to a small crowd of friendly and attentive people, who made me dinner afterwards:). Lovely!

I am now sat at Away With The Fairies backpackers in Hogsback and it is beautiful beyond belief here,  I had goodebumps while I was driving up here as I was sure I could feel pixies watching and giggling at me from the bushes:P. I am playing a gig here tonight and tomorrow night, after which I will drive the final stretch up to White Mountain on Thursday, any of you going to be there? SO AMPED!

Finally, a massive thanks to Robert and Fola, who both purchased my album online and chose to pay much more than the standard price, you have helped me so much, not just financially but by your actions once again confirming my faith in humanity. Thank you!

Here are some rad pics of my drive up for you to drool over:)

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