Who knew that naked spoon carving would be so satisfying!?

As I write this, the rain has been pouring down for days and the kitchen roof is leaking even though I thought it was repaired. The fire is crackling and the dogs have claimed the couch.

My dear uncle Raymond passed recently, still can’t quite believe I’ll never get to see him in the flesh again. His beautiful, gentle smile seems present in everything I see now. I miss him. Death is coming to us all, a friend to remind us to live well, live now and get real with this moment!

I have begun two important courses, one a life coaching course and another a breathwork instructor course. This is connected with how I can facilitate transformation for those who seek to live more authentically, to embody their authentic selves and feel the joy, presence and calm that comes with that. It’s a continuation of the music, which is the opener for many, the direct connection to heart and feeling and healing! Then we can get into the practices and actions to embody this expansion in our every-day lives. It feels amazing to be expanding in this way in my own life and I’m excited to share it with you.

You may have seen my recent spoken-word poems on Instagram, if not you can find ‘manifestation’ here and ‘Everything is Coming up Beautiful’ here ! I’ve also been sharing song snippets, talks and quotes there, so be sure to connect for more regular insights into the authentic inspiration on that channel if you choose.


It’s connected with the new album Wild & Free (in case that wasn’t obvious 😅) and will be a super intimate group of wanderers. It’s going to be a beautiful journey of transformation for any who are ready to grow more into their Realness. More on that when I’m ready to give you lovely patrons first access (of course)!

Naked, again!

I just had to share the photo above with you, from before the rains came. I was sitting outside in the sun spoon carving and as I got hotter and hotter I found myself having to take off more and more of my clothing…until, here you find me, naked and in heaven 😁.

It’s kinda funny, cos one of the names I thought of for my spoons was ‘naked spoons’, cos of course I would want to have the word naked in there (sidenote: I’m more thinking of the name ‘musical spoons’ now, so people can buy a spoon and a song at the same time).

Also, I sold my first spoon! Well, I will, cos I’m carving it for someone who ordered it! She came to visit and was inspired by my ‘honey spoon’, which I made very long so it can get into the bottom of honey jars when the honey is crystalized (PS: if you aren’t eating raw, unfiltered, ethically harvested honey, pleeeeease do yourself and the world the favour of getting on it, it’s so much better for everything!!!!!)

How are You?

It brings me HUGE joy to hear from you, so please do take a moment to leave a comment below, even just one word on how you are, what you’re feeling…whatever, i just want to know you’re there and share some love with you 💗

Lastly, just to wish my uncle Ray a beautiful return Home, and send love to his family. I love you, Uncle Ray, thank you for your presence in my life.

Love to all our relations.
May we be happy, do service and live and die consciously

PS: I’m sharing a link to the uncensored photo. I have no issue at all with being naked, I just know it might be upsetting for some, so here is my beautiful naked self in all it’s splendour if you so choose (only thing I ask is please don’t share and at least leave a comment on this post 😉)

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