“Riddle me this, Batman!”

Is normality to:

1. Rise crazy early to put on a suit and travel hours to get to a job you don’t enjoy working at for someone you don’t like so you can eventually retire (by which time the money you worked so hard for is worth far less than when you started, and you’re too damn tire too appreciate it anyway).


2. Take all your clothes off and jump in the sea?

I’m not saying you should choose one or the other, I am just attempting to illustrate that getting naked in nature -alone or with friends- is one of the most supremely normal things an earthling can do!

It’s shocking to me how shocking nakedness is to many people.

Everywhere I travel,
I love all those people
Who get naked and crazy in the rain

Nakedness is more than skin deep:

Our attitude towards nudity is a portrayal of some of society’s challenges to be overcome.

Nakedness represents vulnerability, trust, openness, transparency, self-love, other-love, sensuality, sexuality, liberation, self-expression, uniqueness.

And here we are, in a hyper-sexualised culture where honest, non sexualised nudity is frowned upon in most circles (think breastfeeding, women walking around topless, people walking around naked in general…I mean, seriously, WHY DOES IT MATTER!?). And yet watch an ad, or put on a music video and you will undoubtedly see ultra-sexualised and objectified human bodies (or just parts of them, dehumanised entirely), with very little on in terms of clothing, being used to sell us shit we don’t need!

What does this attitude towards being unclothed -ie: in a natural state we all come from- say about our society!?

Could we perhaps do with a little more ‘nudity’ in our lives, both physically and emotionally?

Imagine if our politicians were more ‘naked’, how would they act, how would they talk?

Anyway, these are just the rambling thoughts of a very nude troubadour wandering around curiously, with sand between his toes, humming a tune about naked people.

I’d love to hear your ideas, theories, stories, etc on nakedness in all its forms, so please do comment below, you beautiful, magical, naked (underneath your clothes) earthling!

PS: thanks to Max Normal for the lyric I used as the title for this post.

PPS: for the naked-nate-loving among you (I see you, you’re awesome), here’s a link to a bigger version of that photo of me naked in nature ;).

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